How is the performance of tyvek tote bag?


Tyvek is non-toxic, non irritating, and non corrosive. It is easy to handle after use, and the products of complete combustion are carbon dioxide and water. The tyvek tote bag has good protective capabilities.

Superior resistance to chemical substances: It is chemically inert to most acids, bases, and salts, and has good liquid blocking and protection functions.

Waterproof and breathable: Porous material with good breathability. Due to the fine density of fibers, liquid water, oil, etc. cannot easily penetrate; Gas and water vapor can pass through, exhibiting excellent waterproof and breathable properties.

Good anti solid particle penetration function: The special physical tissue structure can completely block fine mites and dust, preventing their penetration. It has excellent antibacterial properties and can be applied to the packaging of sterile medical products.

Low pilling: Durable and non pilling.

High strength and excellent dimensional stability: easy to process, with no change in dry and wet strength due to non water absorption.

Determined by the properties of the material itself, the size does not change significantly with humidity: at a constant temperature, it can maintain excellent dimensional stability within the range of relative humidity of 0-100%. Can still maintain toughness and flexibility at -73 degrees; Starting to contract at 118 degrees; Melting begins at 135 degrees, so the heating temperature should not exceed 79 degrees to avoid deformation.

Excellent flexibility: resistant to folding, allowing for over 20000 repeated folds, durable and long-lasting.

Health and environmental protection: It will not cause environmental pollution and is made of environmentally friendly materials. After complete combustion, only carbon dioxide and water vapor are produced.

It combines the advantages of paper, film, and fabric, is sturdy and durable, waterproof and breathable, soft and strong, and has stable and balanced physical properties.

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